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Priority Parcel Service (PPS)

With Priority Parcel Service (PPS), your shipment will receive the highest boarding priority. Ship up to 100 lbs. easily and safely with the fastest transit time we offer. As speed of service is our focus, advance booking is not required. Transport with confidence to more than 200 destinations around the world with PPS.
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Get the fastest possible flight connections to more than 100 worldwide destinations with premium boarding priority with Expeditefs. You'll receive fast flight connections and complete package tracking from takeoff to landing. And it's all backed by a 100% money-back guarantee.
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Our ExpediteTC active solution uses advanced, temperature-controlled containers to actively regulate temperature levels. The passive side of our ExpediteTC product protects pre-packaged shipments that require additional temperature control during transport. Cold packs or dry ice used in packaging are aided by our expert handling and temperature-controlled environments along the cold chain.
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Get the exceptional performance you expect from our most popular product. With connections spanning the globe, you'll enjoy the most cost-effective shipping and the fastest flight connections possible. You'll never worry about how your package is doing because you'll get complete shipment tracking from start to finish.
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